What kind of paint do you use for your exterior work?
We use Porter Paint’s Acrylic Bonding Primer and Acri-shield flat on the body of the house, satin on the windows and doors. Sometimes we use semi gloss on the front door.


What is your procedure for painting exteriors?
We always want to power wash your house to remove dirt, mildew and loose paint. We caulk all windows and doors and all other areas of siding. We usually will prime the entire house, including windows and door casings, and than apply one coat of Acri-shield. This procedure has worked for us for the last 15 years.


What kind of paint do you use on interiors?
We will use whatever the customer likes but we would prefer to use Porter Paint for most jobs. Some jobs may require us to use a different brand for better results but my experience with Porter has been very good.


How long will my exterior paint job last?
Most of our jobs, completed as stated in the previous question, will last 7 to 8 years and sometimes longer. It depends on the condition of the wood that we are painting over. If the surface is not in good condition and we are not able to repair the problem because the customer doesn’t want it repaired, then the paint will not last as long.


What is your procedure for doing interior painting?
If we are painting walls only, we will cover the floors with clean tarps, patch walls where needed, sand, spot prime, and then apply two coats of paint. You should always do two coats for best results, that way you get the true color that you are looking for. We tape off all baseboards so that we will not drip on them when we are rolling the wall.





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