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From the outside, your home should be attractive and inviting for your family, your guests, and the neighborhood in general. Whether you're thinking about your own comfort or getting ready to sell and looking to improve curb appeal and property value, Dave's Painting Service has the exterior painting services that will create the look that you want.


As a way of improving property value, few improvements can make as large a difference as an exterior makeover. With a fresh coat of paint that will last for many years, the expense will largely pay for itself. We can help by advising the right color choices, types of paint to use, and other factors that ensure you get the most tangible result from your investment. Your home's new look will stand out from others on real estate listings and attract the right buyers to give you the most profit as you transition to a new location.


A new exterior paint job is not all about money - it also adds considerably to your feeling of comfort and enjoyment of your entire home space. Whether it's a complete package of painting services or just mending a fading fence, the work of our experienced and talented professionals will give you an even more pleasant sense of home. As with all of our projects, we use only the most durable and high-quality paints that save you money in the long run with their longevity and increased attractiveness.


Here is our process when starting a project:


Pressure Washing
The entire exterior will be power washed by Dave's Painting Service to remove dirt, mildew and any loose paint.



Surface Prep
Based on the estimate, all loose paint is scraped; all gaps are caulked to prevent water intrusion; all windows and door casings are caulked to prevent water intrusion by Dave's Painting Service.  Acrylic Bonding Primer, which is low odor and mildew resistant, will be applied to the bare spots on the siding or trim areas to paint by Dave's Painting Service.



Based on your estimate, Dave's Painting Service will be applying a super-premium, long-lasting, 100% acrylic exterior paint with superior adhesion which can be applied at temperatures no lower than 40° F.  This provides an extended painting season, making this product a good choice for most exterior painting projects.



Clean Up
Clean up is done daily by Dave's Painting Service, as well as at the completion of our work. Paint chips are cleaned up and removed.  All our materials are packed up at the completion of the job or stored in a small area in your garage, if possible.



You, the customer, are invited to inspect the job with Dave or Ryan of Dave's Painting Service to make sure the job was completed to your satisfactory based on the estimate provided by Dave's Painting Service.








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