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As our primary business in Hamilton County, interior painting is what we do best. Available for every step of the process, from planning and color choices to cleaning up spotlessly after the job is done, Dave's Painting Service provides everything you need to change worn-down interiors into spaces that once again feel clean and appealing. We use top of the line paints from PPG Paints and Benjamin Moore and our employees are well aware of how to combine their talents with the best materials to make indoor magic with the following services:


Cosmetically speaking, nothing changes the feeling of a home more than an interior painting project. Whether it's just a single den or every room in the house, the difference is immediate and you'll wonder why you waited so long to renovate. Also, interior painting expenses are much lower than many people believe - with our industry connections and bulk-buying practices, hiring us could even end up being cheaper than trying to do the job yourself, especially when your own personal time commitment is considered.


What you might not know is that interior painting also has a whole host of positive effects unrelated to appearance. Adding a high quality layer of paint to your bathroom or kitchen can help reduce humidity, thus getting rid of potentially dangerous mold and bacteria. Along with safety, interior painting can also decrease your utility costs as well. Freshly painted interior walls not only look better, but they also have a cooling effect that can lower your energy consumption and monthly utility bills.


Here is our process when we start an interior project:

Dave's Painting Service will place items in the center of the room and move furniture away from the painted area unless instructed by the customer. All floors and furniture are protected with drop cloths or plastic provided by Dave's Painting Service.  Dave's Painting Service will remove and replace switch plates unless instructed by the owner.  If necessary, Dave's Painting Service will vacuum the area to prepare for paint. Based on your estimate provided by Dave's Painting Service, the carpet will be taped off to paint the baseboards to prevent paint from getting onto the carpet; the baseboards will be taped off to prevent wall paint from splattering onto the baseboard.


Based on your requests, holes, cracks and nail pops in the ceilings and/or walls will be repaired by drywall mud, sanded and primed to prepare for finish paint by Dave's Painting Service. For stains, surfaces are scuff sanded and resealed.  For stain to paint jobs, surfaces are sanded, vacuumed or wiped down, areas that require caulking with be caulked, 1 coat of primer will be applies and then 2 or 3 coats of finish paint will be applied. 


Based on your estimate provided by Dave's Painting Service, we will apply two coats of premium quality wall paint that is durable, washable and mildew resistant. For trim, we will apply 1-2 coats of premium acrylic enamel paint that is fast drying, low odor, washable and mildew resistant.


Clean Up
If we are not finished, our materials will be laid on a small tarp by Dave's Painting Service in an area of the home or heated garage where children or pets cannot intervene with them. At
the completion of the job Dave's Painting Service will remove all taped, switch plates are put back on and all furniture and accessories are moved back to their desired locations except for pictures or wall hangings. We recommend that those not be put up on the wall for at least 24 hours. All floors and carpets are vacuumed and/or swept. All of our materials are removed.


You are invited to inspect our work with Dave or Ryan of Dave's Painting Service to make sure the job was completed satisfactory according to the estimate provided by Dave's Painting Service.







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